Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey dudes! Remember when I used to write on this here blog???

I guess I don't really write here anymore because I use facebook so much to keep myself updated with people and them updated with me.

But right now, I just really feel like writing. I am way stressed out and writing helps to relieve the tension. So here is why I am stressed:

1. Mom and Don got me a car for graduation. YAY!!! (That isn't the reason I am stressed! lol) It is currently in Wichita, KS and they are shipping it to the Springs. Well, the month of May is so insanely busy, that there was really only 1 day that we could make a trip down there to get it... and that was the afternoon of the 8th. We figured that was when it would get shipped anyway. Well, they called my mom earlier and said "Hey guess what? It will be in late saturday night!" like 2 weeks earlier than we expected! normally, that would be great, but we are having a very hard time figuring out how to get down there with our schedules, so instead they are mailing me the papers and all this crazy stuff. it's insane.

2. Wedding everything!! I am going to Dustin and Tiff's shower in Springfield on Saturday, but leaving to go there tonight after work. Then the lingerie shower is on the 16th, and I am working really hard to get it all planned so that it ROCKS! And that takes up a lot of time... and then there is just the Wedding itself, which i will be taking off Wednesday-Sunday for in June.

3. SCHOOL. My biggest nightmare right now is school. I graduate on the 15th (Yes the day before the lingerie shower) and I have to have a digital portfolio with 25 projects, a digital portfolio for the showcase (which is on the 8th of May), a list of 25 perspective employers WITH DETAILS, and a hardcopy portfolio with 10-12 pieces in it ALL WITHIN A WEEK!!!! AHH!!! and to top that off, on the 6th I will have a final test that is like 150 questions long!!

4. Church. We have so many things going on at the church right now... tomorrow we are doing Ryan's Nerfday Party in the gym. Yes, I am planning it and no, I will not be there because I will be in Colorado. Next weekend is the Joe McGee conference. And I am going to have so much to get ready for that! Plus get all of my projects ready to be turned in for school!!

So basically, I am ready for it to be sometime around June 8th. Because by then, I will have my new car, the wedding will be over, and I will have graduated. YAY!!